Are those your photos?

Yes those photos are me and I have been told that photos don't do me justice.


How will you be dressed?

I will be well groomed dressed in business casual or appropriate attire unless requested otherwise.


Do you see couples?

I love meeting with couples. Both parties must contact me separately to introduce themselves.

There is a two hour or + date minimum. Kindly inquire.


I ask that you please be courteous to my feelings and privacy by asking me if I would like a review prior to submitting. As there may be certain details I would like to maintain as private between us. 

Can you bring a friend?

I have many friends who would be happy to join us for a meeting. Ask me for more details. 

Do you offer shorter dates?

No, I am sorry. I enjoy taking the time to form a genuine connection with one another and why rush?

What are your restrictions?

I have a few; illegal drug use, blood, violence and scat.